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- FAIR USE -  Behind The Curve -  For Legal Representation

Case Summary

 Lawyer Needed:
 Math Powerland is in serious need of a copyright lawyer to represent a simple clear copyright violation of a painting and other aspects of his work brand and monologue as a live performer and youtube personality. 


He turned down signing a contract and they reproduced his paintings in particular "HANDS" in an alleged "documentary" film, with individuals who have plagiarized his comedy monologue on NASA and have frauded and lied about his life, his business and his demeanor and he does not KNOW nor ever met any of the individuals in this FILM, "Behind The Curve"; in fact the very conditions he sent the producers , were broadcast on the screen to fit a preconceived narrative breaking with the ethos of documentary film making by definition, on him, his body of work and art and this very topic his Art and Comedy triggered, with the resulting intention to paint him in a false light, to harm his brand , his reputation, his paintings and they do so openly without regard, violate the paintings' moral universe, reproducing it for commercial exploit against the wishes of the creator of said painting, for profit on netflix and Amazon prime.

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