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In 2002 a whistleblower named Math Boylan aka now known as Math Powerland found out earth is flat from NASA/DOD.Math is a Political Science Major & a Hyper Photo-Realist Painter. His talent as a Photo-Realiist painter enabled him obtain his sub-contractor opportunity with NASA. Math broke flat earth on LIVE French TV in 2007 via his stand-up comedy routine Photo or Painting? This is where his message finally reached the ears of the public. From there all hell broke loose. Math started his first YouTube Channel in 2008 called guywakingup. That channel featured the very first flat earth video on YouTube. He couldn't gain traction the video sat for 9 years with under 100 views. His channel to this day only has 126 subscribers. In 2010 he was nearly killed in what was supposed to end up looking like an accident, he was injured and still suffers from hearing loss from the head injuries he sustained. Math eventually started up TheNASAchannel in 2011 and began to upload his backlog of content that he had been blocked from uploading. He was alone in his mission until the CIA inserted plants in mid 2014-2015. Math was relieved to finally not be alone, but he soon realized these people were CIA plants and they hijacked his message, content and proceeded to bury him alive while derailing all progress towards an expedition South to prove the final True Construct of the earth.

Who are the CIA Agents & Plants?

Various CIA plants and shills were inserted into flat earth in 2015. Their main objective was to derail all progress and make flat earth look as insane as possible. Math Powerland was alone until late 2014-2015 when these people turned up. We won't name them here, but you probably encountered at least one of them, I will describe the types of activities they were engaged in since 2015 --- to the present day:

Basically anyone that proclaimed to be a leader and set up CONferences, put up billboards and pretended to be Math Powerland is a CIA plant. Anyone who claimed to be the 2nd coming of Christ while pushing a Concave Earth with a sophisticated computer model after threatning Obama in 2008 and later threatning Donald Trump. Anyone who used Flat Earth to grind their AXE against any one religion or race such as Jews to the point of getting their channel removed, anyone who drank piss and pushed models and maps without any goals of full exploration to prove their model, regardless of the model they hoped to find. What they hoped to find is irrelevant because all that matters would be to go out and actually prove their claim. Anyone who saw flat earth as a money making opportunity or sought fame and fortune over simply finding the truth for their fellow man, family, friends and the young people growing up in this world. Anyone who stole large sums of money from the people and lied about flying over Antarctica. Nevermind the massive army of trolls, fence sitters and goons that were dispatched throughout the entire community, they were the least of our concerns, the damage was done by the CIA operatives and plants. They spawned many followers and copy cats of themselves.

Who else was/is REAL?

The truth seekers that were real, genuine and focused on the goal of solving this issue are featured on the home page of this channel. To those channels listed on our featured channels, we thank you! Thank you for tirelessly working towards a solution since day 1! Sorry for any confusing our war against the CIA plants and goons has caused, understand it was necessary, because these people had to be exposed for what they have done and everyone needs to continue pointing out who they are and what their end game goal is. This way new people will be able to understand what has taken place and most importantly -- focus on a goal. That goal is best summarized as full exploration of the surface upon which we across all known land masses live.

Math Powerland's First YouTube Channel -

Math Powerland's Channel -
Video Footage contained within is as follows:

NASA Fraud Proof - 2007 Math Boylan breaks FLAT EARTH and NASA Fraud on French TV telling the live audience they were 150 miles above earth filming through a window. He then tells the live audience "THE EARTH IS FLAT and they are hiding it."

1969 NASA Fakes the picture of the ball earth, this was put out in Bart Sibrels Film
Missing curvature Proof - 2016 - Math Boylan aka Math Powerland Films Mount Diablo (3849 foot high mountain, shoulders and all) from 100 miles away.

UnsilentMajorityTV sits in front of NON-FISHEYE footage 121,000 feet above the earth -- ZERO CURVATURE

#SouthBound #TrueConstruct #NASAFraud

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