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The Lost History of Earth Full 5 hour Documentary by Ewaranon


The Lost History of Flat Earth - EwarAnon - Complete (Part 1 - 7)


Q) Have you seen the 2 video series' by "Ewaranon"?

Eric Dubay

Eric Dubay
I haven't seen the first one, but I saw the second one:

I watched and had several problems with the final part of The Lost History of Flat Earth. Earth's continents size, shape and alignment really look nothing like this Moon map (not to mention all the additional landmasses no one has ever seen). As shown here Polaris simply doesn't work on this map. The LHFE series was quite good until he got to this section and made the ridiculous claim that "The Moon is the only real Flat Earth map." The Gleasons, Hammonds, and other traditional FE maps are clearly far better than this one. Presenting new theories is fine, but I don't appreciate the definitive manner in which he asserts his spurious speculations:


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Huge Lead Balls replied the topic: #638 3 months 5 days ago
Damn these are good.
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