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NASA/JPL: "This color image of the Earth was obtained by Galileo at about 6:10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on Dec. 11, 1990, when the spacecraft was about 1.3 million miles from the planet during the first of two Earth flybys on its way to Jupiter. The color composite used images taken through the red, green and violet filters. South America is near the center of the picture, and the white, sunlit continent of Antarctica is below. Picturesque weather fronts are visible in the South Atlantic, lower right. This is the first frame of the Galileo Earth spin movie, a 500- frame time-lapse motion picture showing a 25-hour period of Earth's rotation and atmospheric dynamics. Image Credit: NASA/JPL" NASA didn't have it up on their YouTube channel, so I decided to share it. From NASA/JPL's Photojournal site


Math Powerland - The Earth is Rotating but the Clouds aren't Morphing.  = Fraud

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