Wolves in sheep’s clothing have pulled the wool over our eyes. For almost 500 years, the masses have been thoroughly deceived by a cosmic fairy-tale of astronomical proportions. We have been taught a falsehood so gigantic and diabolical that it has blinded us from our own experience and common sense, from seeing the world and the universe as they truly are.

Through pseudo-science books and programs, mass media and public education, universities and government propaganda, the world has been systematically brain-washed, slowly indoctrinated over centuries into the unquestioning belief of the greatest lie of all time. 

Eric Dubay is the founder of the Flat Earth Conspiracy. The Flat Earth Conspiracy theory posits that the Earth is either flat  and is surrounded by a wall of ice. Dubay has gained a large following of those who are convinced that the globe is not a true representation of the Earth's surface.

Dubay, a self-taught geographer, has released a number of books, videos, podcasts, and public lectures to present his beliefs on the topic. He claims that the only evidence for a globe is from satellite images and an understanding of a Round Earth theory based on mathematical concepts and physics. The Nobel prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein once famously said that the theory of a flat Earth is "absurd in the highest degree".

Dubay counters this statement by saying that there is evidence shown in the Bible and in literature that the Earth is indeed flat. He also cites the ancient Flat Earth societies of the Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks, who believed in the idea that the Earth was flat.

Dubay further claims that the curvature of the flat earth theory is consistent with the evidence of a flat earth observed by astronauts who have been sent into outer space. He argues that astronauts could not reach the space station if the earth was round. He also makes the argument that we would see the curvature of the Earth from low-flying airplane rides, which we don't.

The Flat Earth conspiracy has sparked much debate and controversy within the scientific community. Despite the fact that the Flat Earth Conspiracy has been refuted by astronomical and scientific studies and experiments, Dubay maintains that the conspiracy is worth exploring and the evidence needs to be reexamined.