When confronted with blatant NASA lies and obvious globe inconsistencies, the #1 most common frequently asked question is undoubtedly: But why would anyone lie about the shape of the Earth!?

For what purpose would there be a multi-generational worldwide conspiracy to cover up the truth of our home?

Why would NASA spend billions of dollars building rockets just to prank the population about outer space? What on Earth would be the point of hiding the flat Earth?

The idea that the Earth is flat and space is fake is a long-standing belief. However, it is possible to imagine a world where this is accepted as the truth and that the reality of our sphere-shaped planet is kept from the public. In such a situation, powerful authorities may decide to lie and cover up the facts to maintain their hegemony and control the masses.

To begin with, powerful authorities may fear that the idea of a flat Earth may be seen as a sign of strength and influence. After all, an “all-knowing” authority imposing its whims and beliefs on the public is often seen as authoritative. In other words, the notion of a flat Earth could be used as a way of instilling the idea of the infallibility of its leaders.

Furthermore, powerful authorities may have a vested interest in the status quo and could be afraid that the truth of a round Earth and the existence of space would cause widespread panic. People may question the validity of governmental institutions and doubt the knowledge of their leaders. This could lead to social and economic upheaval as people search for new answers and solutions outside the existing power structures.

Last but not least, a round Earth and space may challenge long-accepted religious beliefs, myths and superstitions. This could lead to a questioning of traditional knowledge and a fracturing of the social fabric. In addition, the reality of a round Earth and space could destroy accepted ideas about the universe, how we interact with it, and the reality of our purpose and destiny.

In conclusion, there could be many reasons why powerful authorities may want to lie and cover up the facts about a round Earth and the existence of space. They may wish to maintain control, preserve the status quo, and protect traditional values and beliefs. Whatever the motivation may be, it is clear that such a state of affairs would not be to the best interests of society, and that the truth should be shared with all.