B.o.B drops a video for his highly anticipated “Ted Talk”. It’s the first release off his Anti-Matter project. This is the 2nd Installment of his Elements 2 available on SoundCloud!

Rapper B.o.B has made waves in the rap music genre with his unique sound and forward-thinking style. His latest single, “Ted Talk”, continues to showcase his diversified influence that combines elements of rap, funk, and soul. In this song, B.o.B takes his own form of public speaking and encourages listeners to think and grow.

“Ted Talk” opens with a funky guitar chord bisecting 808 drums, as B.o.B announces his arrival with a statement of his accomplishments. One of the main components of the song is the catchy and melodic chorus that serves as a potent reminder of the importance of self-reflection and growth. The sunny vibe of the track is further pushed forward by B.o.B’s clever wordplay and clever bars, as he rhymes about topics such as seeking knowledge, meditating, and striving to be the best version of yourself.

Despite the optimistic outlook of “Ted Talk”, B.o.B also manages to feature a darker edge, often touching on social and political issues. For example, in the lines “In a perfect world, money is worth less and knowledge is worth more”. In these bars, B.o.B highlights how money is often valued more than knowledge and education, a damning insight into contemporary society.

"Ted Talk" is an important expression of B.o.B's personal values and ideals. His willingness to take a stand against injustices and his care for his own personal progress, as well as that of others, shines throughout the song and shows why he is an important artist in the rap and hip-hop genre. He validates the importance of seeking knowledge and looking to challenge yourself in order to continue to evolve and become the individual that you wish to be. Overall, "Ted Talk" is an inspiring and affirming song that is sure to be a favorite of hip-hop fans.