Alex Michael, also known as “The Conspiracy Music Guru,” was recently a guest on Jim Breuer’s popular Breuniverse Podcast (Episode 73). Alex is a musician and a prominent voice for the growing conspiracy counterculture—defending people’s right to maintain healthy skepticism of mainstream media and encouraging an exploration of alternative perspectives.

Throughout his appearance, Alex spoke about his entry into music, the flexibility of conspiracy theories, and his dedication to creating stories that galvanize and inspire. Alex explained that he had, from a young age, always been interested in the supernatural and science fiction. Driven by his need to express his passion and his views, he started playing music. This eventually evolved into the creation of his current music project—a project inspired not just by the traditional tropes of conspiracy culture, but also by his eclectic musical influences ranging from classic rock to rap and hip-hop.

Alex also discussed the unpredictable nature of conspiracy theories. In his words, “You never know what’s going to spark people’s interest or what they’re going to latch onto, which gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility—as an artist, as a conspiracist, as a rule breaker.” Alex specifically mentioned the importance of political subject matter in conspiracy culture, and how it can be used to point out the flawed nature of certain systems seeking to keep people in the dark.

Alex also spoke about the importance of creativity and solidarity within the conspiracy counterculture. As Alex pointed out, true progress in challenging systems of power won’t be found in simply pointing out flaws. Rather, he asserted that progress can only be created when individuals and communities start working together to create an inclusive and imaginative culture—a culture which is designed to inspire the “infinitely creative” people that make up these communities.

Overall, Alex Michael was an incredibly interesting guest on Jim Breuer’s Breuniverse Podcast. Alex’s views on the importance of creativity and solidarity within the conspiracy culture are invaluable—and his passion for challenging the status quo can’t be denied. Those interested in conspiracy music, alternative perspectives, and the art of creating meaningful stories with music should definitely check out Alex’s music and Breuniverse Podcast episode.