Eddie Bravo Radio 85: Flat Earth Special with Eric Dubay & Kron Gracie

Special guests Flat earth theorist, Eric Dubay, MMA and Jiu Jitsu competitor, Kron Gracie, and Musician, James. With producer and skeptic, TJ DeSantis. We had technical difficulties with skype. In this video the portions of the podcast which were inaudible were removed. In this episode we discuss the arguments for and against Flat Earth theory as well as touch on space, satellites, dinosaurs, and government sponsored science.

Eddie Bravo, TJ DeSantis, and James kicked off the podcast with a warm welcome for the special guests. Eric Dubay claims he was introduced to the flat earth theory in 2004, after reading an article in a magazine. He later went on to found the International Flat Earth Research Society. According to Eric, the prevailing arguments for the flat earth are the following: The observable curvature of the earth that we see from the surface is actually an illusion by the atmosphere and troposphere; water is the flat bed of earth; and the North Pole is the center of the earth, not the South Pole.

Kron Gracie is an MMA and Jiu Jitsu competitor and the son of legendary Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master, Rickson Gracie. He shared his thoughts on the facts that he finds compelling in the flat earth theory and his experience trying to explain it to his peers who also compete in combat sports. According to Kron, the flat earth model has regained traction recently among some combat sports personalities, primarily because they don't like the idea of being manipulated or lied to.

James, the panel's fourth guest, entertained the podcast with freestyle raps, alternating between rhymes disputing some of the evidence supporting the spherical earth and others backing up the flat earth idea. Some of the topics of discussion included the absence of water curvature, no curvature of the earth visible at horizon on planes, and the disappearance of ships when they are in the horizon line.

The podcast also touched on government-controlled space travel and the idea that it is a farce and a hoax perpetuated by agencies and corporations for monetary gain. Eric and Kron addressed this claim, providing insight into the power that money and corporate interests wield, the ability to manipulate information, and the potential for inventing false science in order to cover up their own malfeasance.

Overall, the Eddie Bravo Radio 85: Flat Earth Special was an entertaining exploration of the flat earth theory. Despite their technical difficulties, Eddie Bravo and the panel provided a compelling case for the flat earth theory while still allowing the audience to reach their own conclusions.