Let me tell you something bout the space station It's only really there in your imagination That thing ain't real it's science fiction It's there to feed your space addiction Those astronauts are not in space It's written all over their stupid face...

I can spot a liar from a 100 miles I can spot a fraud from the way they smile didn't ya learn nothing from the fake moon mission That puppet show from president Nixon

Well listen up they're doing it again it seems Check out the harnesses and green screens You see I used to work a lot in film and TV And I know a bit about the television trickery to create the illusion that your somewhere your not A green screen is what you're gonna use a lot Or if you wear a harness and attach it to the ceiling The illusion that you're floating is what they'll be believing

Chorus All you're watching is a puppet show Yeah the whole worlds a stage Astronauts are actors of course And yeah they all get paid Look at me ma I'm floating in spaceNo your not your lying to the whole human race So let me tell you little something bout a zero g plane This thing flies up and then down again Some weird stuff happens If you're on the inside You start to float as the plane takes a dive Simply add an actor that's trained to deceive And you got yourself an astronaut or so you believe Plane flies up that's everyone's cue Then ACTION we got some deceiving to do Plane flies down then everyone knows To start the iss live show Floating in a plane with zero g But you only see astronauts on your tv!

Chorus Another thing I noticed when I looked at these fools They're filming all the space walks in boyancy pools NASAs gonna tell you that it's just for training To practice, for space station maintaining Well I thought about that but if that's the case Then why the hell can I see bubbles in space Take a hard look at the next space walk And tell me if you can see bubbles at all Open your eyes man, I'll bet you a quarter Those space walks are all filmed under water I can see space bubbles everywhere Hey NASA How the hell did those get there?

Chorus So when you see an astronaut aboard the ISS Take another look at your TV set They're pretty good at faking so you gotta look close Pay some attention to the way the actor "floats" If you ask me that ain't zero gravity But Hollywood effects that I see on my TV Take a good look at the whole damn thing These lying bastards are puppets on a string It's all a big science fiction puppet show The games up assholes coz we all know Thanks for the show NASA it's been a blast Now take your fake station and shove it up your *%#^