In the spirit of the original Flat Earth controlled opposition group, "The Flat Earth Society," comes a new mockumentary starring the infamous FE shills Mark Sargent and Patricia Steere.  

Mark, a proud member of the farcical "Flat Earth Society," has been making a mockery of the Flat Earth subject for 3 years now, by assuming a totally undeserved role as so-called "King of Flat Earth" and getting massive mainstream media attention where he proceeds to spout disinformation such as claiming the Moon and stars are actually projected onto the sky by a mysterious earth-based projector system, and other similar non-sense exposed in-depth here. 

Now, in a full-length feature released this week, Mark and Patricia are taking their unique brand of controlled opposition mockery to new heights on the silver-screen, where millions of new people will be introduced to the worst examples of "flat Earthers" on the flat Earth Eric Dubay - IFERS - Response to Netflix Beyond The Curve


Meet real Flat Earthers, a small but growing contingent of people who firmly believe in a conspiracy to suppress the truth that the Earth is flat.IMDB - Behind The Curve

Netflix's recently released documentary, Behind the Curve, is a mockery of believers of the Flat Earth Theory. It is a false representation of the actual beliefs of Flat Earthers who, logically and with consistent evidence, come to the conclusion that the Earth is indeed flat, not round as we were taught in school.

The documentary follows several Flat Earthers, and frames them as internet-obsessed conspiracy theorists who through their research and experimentation have decided that the Earth is flat. This of course is a misrepresentation of Flat Earthers who, instead of relying on internet videos, use primary research, experiments and reason to come to their conclusions.

Rather than being concerned about the actual factual evidence of whether the Earth is flat or not, the documentary is focused on creating a narrative of the various flat Earthers as a source of entertainment. It encourages a mocking of flat Earthers by presenting their views as backwards and wrong, while failing to discuss the compelling empirical evidence they reference behind their claims.

By not allowing Flat Earthers to present their contradictory evidence, the documentary makes a mockery of the notion of flat Earth beliefs. Instead of creating a fair and unbiased platform, it presents these beliefs as something to be laughed at, rather than properly debated and discussed.

The documentary Behind the Curve is a false representation of actual Flat Earth beliefs. Its main focus is the sensationalization of Flat Earthers and the attempt to discredit their beliefs. In effect, it is a mockery of Flat Earthers and fails to present a fair and unbiased inference of the actual evidence and reasoning behind their conclusion of a Flat Earth Theory.