The flat earth society is disinformation & satire. 

For centuries, people have believed in many far-fetched ideas and theories, and the Flat Earth Society is no exception. The Flat Earth Society, or FES, is a worldwide organization of individuals who subscribes to the belief that the earth is a flat disc and not a spherical planet. On the surface, this group may appear to be a legitimate organization of scientists and researchers who are looking to challenge the round-earth theory. However, the truth is that the Flat Earth Society is actually a form of disinformation.

At its core, the Flat Earth Society is actually a form of satire, designed to poke fun at the existing round-earth theory. Its members, who almost all have pseudonyms and cartoons for avatars, make up stories and post fake articles that aim to cast doubts about the round-earth theory. The group even has its own official website where its members can share their theories, ideas and debate one another. Despite this, it has become obvious to most astronomers and scientists that there is no real scientific evidence to back up the flat-earth theory.

The Flat Earth Society can be seen as a form of entertainment that appeals to conspiracy theorists and people who want to feel like they’re part of an exclusive club. Unfortunately, it can also be used to spread false and misleading information, as well as to spread rumors and distrust of science, which can undermine the progress of scientific research.

In conclusion, the Flat Earth Society is an example of disinformation and satire and should not be taken seriously. While its members may have good intentions and think that they are doing something revolutionary, their theories have no basis in reality and should be ignored.