Dr. Kent Hovind Obliterates Evolution

Kent Hovind, a prominent Young-Earth Creationist, denounces the theory of evolution as a “fairy tale for adults”. He argues that the theory of evolution does not stand up to scientific scrutiny. He believes that the evidence from the fossil and geology records shows that the Earth is very young.

Hovind holds that all forms of life were created in a mature form during the six days of creation. He rejects the notion of common descent, that all creatures have evolved from a common ancestor, claiming that this is not supported by the evidence.

Hovind also rejects the notion of natural selection, which he calls a "ridiculous explanation for the complexity of life". He believes that the idea of natural selection is only used to explain away the complexity of life and fails to provide a real explanation for why certain traits have been maintained over time.

Hovind claims that the only way life can be explained is through the intervention of an intelligent designer. He further claims that we are seeing a gradual advance in complexity of life forms, not an evolution of new species.

Hovind also disagrees with the notion that evolution is the mechanism by which new species arise, maintaining that this is only possible by an act of divine creation. He also claims that evolution violates the second law of thermodynamics, which states that energy in an isolated system will disperse over time.

In a recurring attempt to combat evolution, Hovind continues to challenge it both from scientific and theological arguments.