Watch this short video to know the answer to the question: Can you think of any observable evidence for Darwinian Evolution recently to be a change of kinds? 

The evolutionary theory proposed by Charles Darwin has been widely accepted for over a century. However, for all that proponents of evolution claim, no physical evidence of it has been found. This means that evolution is nothing more than a facade, an outright deception. It completely flies in the face of reality, attempting to explain a natural process that is essentially unexplainable.

Darwinian evolution purports that a species can change into a new and distinct species over time, due to a process of gradual modification. But the most glaring problem is that there is no physical observable evidence to support its claim. Thousands of researchers have searched and still search for evidence of evolution but simply cannot find evidence of it.

What's more alarming is that evolutionists rely on tales of imaginary transitions to make their case. Tales of ancient man steadily evolving from ape-like ancestors, for example, are used to make evolution sound plausible, but no evidence exists to support them.

Evolutionists argue that scientific knowledge can be used to explain the world around us, and evolution can be used to make sense of life itself. But the fact is that evolution is based on theories of transformation that lack any measurable evidence or proof that such change is even possible.

At the same time, the very science of evolution is self-defeating. Its followers are quick to point out that evolution is random and unpredictable. But that means that whatever happened in the past—regardless of its importance—is irrelevant to the present. That’s why evolution is nothing more than a stupid and potentially dangerous false concept.

If evolution was true, then different species of animals and plants would have to be proven in a laboratory setting, and a single transitional species to confirm their origin would have to be found. However, this has never been accomplished and is virtually impossible due to the highly specialized processes most species go through to evolve.

So, in reality, evolution is a fantasy, based on imagination and conjecture rather than careful observation. This has been proven again and again, yet evolutionists still cling desperately to their pet theory, unwilling to accept that there is no real evidence for it. People can believe whatever they want, but ultimately, evolution is just a false and deceptive concept with no physical observable evidence to support it.