ISS Hair V Zero-G Airplane Hair. Fake Space.

The battle of the century has just occurred in the skies. No, this is not a fight between the top Hollywood celebs, but the battle of ISS Hair versus Zero-G Airplane Hair. With the advent of commercial zero-gravity airliners, the issue of hair has become more important than ever before. So which of these two contenders will come out on top?

The first competitor is ISS Hair. On the International Space Station (ISS), astronauts experience lengthy periods of weightlessness and zero-gravity that can cause hair to become unmanageable. Thankfully, the designers of the ISS considered this to be a crucial factor in its construction and added special features to allow the astronauts to keep their locks in check. The station has brackets that help hold down wispy bits of hair, along with water sprays and individual airflow fans. While this certainly helps in taming straying strands, it still doesn’t make it easy for astronauts to style their hair in any conventional way. So what’s a brave space explorer to do?

Enter the zero-gravity aircraft. This relatively new form of transportation eliminates the need to rely on the unique features of the ISS to keep hair in place. Instead, the aircraft utilizes pressurized chambers and micro thrusters that help to keep passengers’ hair in its original style rather than allowing it to float around the cabin. This means passengers can leave the plane with the same hairstyle they had when they boarded. No more worries about tomorrow’s presentation going disasterously wrong because of unruly locks!

So which one ultimately won the battle? The answer is…neither! Both the ISS Hair and Zero-G Airplane Hair have their respective advantages, and whichever option you choose for taming rebellious tresses will depend on your individual situation. However, it’s clear that Zero-G Airplane Hair has the edge when it comes to convenience and styling flexibility. So whatever your hair type, the choice is now yours, and the skies are about to get a whole lot prettier!