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FLAT EARTH VERSUS THE GLOBE Everything is a lie. Tax. Taxes. Paying taxes. Its a lie. Oh, but we went to the moon. Its so funny how you see these anti-globalists on YouTube or just in the news on TV and they have a graphic of a globe spinning behind them, like obviously a graphic because its all you got. Hehe. Everything is a lie. The governments lying to you about everything. Oh No.no.no,(sarcastically) not the moon landing. Nonono. Don't take that one from us too. (laughs) That's the easiest one to take. They didn't go to the moon to go to the moon. They went to the moon to get the picture of the earth as a ball, because they didn't have one yet, and it was starting to get a little tense in the higher chambers. You say 2000 years its a ball and you don't even have a picture to show for it. But how could you have a picture..You know.. They had those. They needed the event to actually, to get a real picture. And there's so few of those pictures when you actually look at them. And most of them, George Lucas or Stanley Kubrick could have done, or I could do. Or you could see a guy on the street with a spray can and a circle cut out of cardboard making planets. (Evidence) I'll ask you where you got it from. What are the sources? Who controls it? What the proof? Lets see the pictures that prove it. Or the footage. Or the event. Or the people. The victims. The bystanders. How many witnesses? How was it witnessed? Where is this going? Whats the solution they're immediately saying after the event? Or what the next step immediately after the event? Or how does saying that fact from that event shape society? I look at all that. Then you got the anti-globalists, or the bullshit dissent. screaming. yapping. Infiltrating protest movements with their megaphones. Drowning people out because they talk fast, and they're like sudo funny, they have an accent from wherever. And they're uppity. You wanna have a fight? Lets have a good fight. Not two guys punching at each other in some weird repressed homoerotic caveman porn. Not Russia and the US or Israel and Palestine. Those are all selfish, egotistical, deluded battles over the fiction of nation states and the supremacy of a race. That's a deluded fight. Its not a real fight. A real fight is whether the Earth is a ball. You wanna have a fight? You wanna go to war with Russia? We are gonna have a real fight. The flat earth against the ball. That's the fight. That's the fight they don't want you to have. That's the fight they don't want you to entertain in your head. That's the fight they don't want you to entertain in your mind. Whether the images of the Earth as a ball are fake. I got bored with the world i was told exists. And i realized it was all based on pictures and bullshit scenes like a Red-bull jump where a guy lands in a place he shouldn't if he's free falling at that velocity. Or the fact that they put military ops or military scientists up in planes and they practice parabolics where they're free floating in a plane and it looks like they're in a zero gravity atmosphere like in the space station. The fact that you'll see an astronaut in the space station and suddenly he'll lose his place and he'll start floating all over the place. You're in space. What happened? Did gravity shift? Was there a gravitational shift in the entire heliocentric universe. Big Words. I got em too. I know them all. Helios. Isn't that like a Greek roman god of fire. The sun. Yea, your roman empire, its all up there in the stars. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars. They still got you in a polytheism cult. Its an astro-theological cult. They got you believing in the gods of Rome. Up in the heavens. Like they told you. Lets have a Fkn fight. Everybody likes a good fight.

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