Lunokhod 1 (Russian: Луноход-1 ("Moonwalker 1"), also known as Аппарат 8ЕЛ № 203 ("Device 8EL No. 203")) was the first of two robotic lunar rovers landed on the Moon by the Soviet Union as part of its Lunokhod program.

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Flatlantis is an exploration into the history of Flat Earth, the mythology of Atlantis, and the mystery of Mount Meru, the alleged magnetic mountain ancient cultures worldwide believed existed at the North Pole.

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The video shows the band in Apollo-era space suits on the Moon, with shots of other cultures acting like stereotypical Americans, satiring Americanization. The end of the video shows that the band have actually been in a fake moon set in a studio, complete with film crew, an allusion to the Moon landing conspiracy theories.

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Take your eyes on a journey of awe and wonder with the Milky Way Time Lapse Collection. This compilation of stunning video sequences captures the beauty of the night sky as it moves across the heavens in fast-motion. Whether you're a seasoned night sky enthusiast or just curious about what our galaxy has to offer, this time-lapse collection is sure to captivate and inspire.

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