Jim Breuer has done it again; he has delivered arguably the best comedy special of the year. In “Somebody Had to Say It”, Breuer takes aim at the Covid narrative and demolishes it with hilarious results.

Breuer opens the special by drawing attention to how the media and politicians have been misinforming people about Covid. He speaks about how the media has been fear-mongering people for the purpose of ratings, and he also pokes fun of how some politicians have been cooking the stats to suit their narrative. Breuer also takes some tongue-in-cheek swipes at the effectiveness of the mandatory mask-wearing laws a lot of states have enforced, and how many people take them way too seriously.

This special truly comes alive when Breuer begins to discuss his personal experiences. He shares gripping stories of what he's witnessed in his community and with his family, while also giving his perspective on medications, vaccines, and the subject of herd immunity. Breuer's incredulous disbelief shines through as he touches upon some of the most lunatic ideas authorities have pushed forward.

At the end of the routine, Breuer shares his conclusion on what's really going on behind closed doors. He explains that the authorities are slowly pushing the world towards a global centralized system of control, and that he believes we need to keep the power of big government in check.

From start to finish, Jim Breuer's comedy special “Somebody Had to Say It” is an absolute triumph. It's a must see for any comedy fan as Breuer completely annihilates the Covid narrative and highlights some of the very real realities most people are ignoring. Be prepared to be entertained, educated, and in awe of the masterful abilities of Breuer.