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  So, we've got groups showing up now that are just gonna create surface noise, try and drown this out, and twist it and morph it so people going out there pushing the argument have got one half truth in there or one wonky crazy thing that's been inverted, like the guy there that you referenced there Eric Dubay, uh, there's no curvature , look here in New York there's no curvature. You know the guy there that sounds like Neo. That guy there, um, that guy put out a map, he took every tenet that we're saying, but he put out this map where he said the South pole is the North pole and its the North pole that's really 360 degrees. Complete poppycock. It doesn't even work with our model. But people are going around, and there's a group of people in the UK that are referencing him and they're tagging his wonky map, which is fused with the rest of our tenets and stuff and they're tagging it to me, and they're tagging it to this whole concept, and to other people who have the real science here on this possibility. So that's disinformation. Yeah. Go ahead


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