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On April 8 2011, Asia Pacific , NASA discovered a new planet just behind the Earth's moon, long believed to be a distant moon of Jupiter it has been discovered as a slow orbital planet

which makes a full revolution around the Sun every 658 years this planet is called, "Ipapopea" and is coming dangerously close to the earth's magnetic pull with the moon . Scientists fear that fear itself could be a product of their wacky diaobolical equaitons to distract humanity and talk in code over the public airwaves as to the next false flag, aka HAARP attack, which will happen in and on the earth's crust to increase, a food shortage, while surrounding Iran , and unleashing the U.S. Israel the middle East into a turkish soup of Chinese and Russian Betrayal all funded privately by a the people at the top of the banks, environmental genocide of the human race. I guess there was a reason to call it a "race". As in e-race. All the while Iran Russia China Venuzeula all your favorite wrestlers in a stage show, are spraying people with jet plumes the public are stupid enough to think are commercial traffic flying over, being sedated by pharmacopia, controlling human memory ready to interface with delta wave digital TV, curb aggression: YOGA jelly brain. & reducing the ability of hearts to pump proper. In short total atmospheric alteration and you are in it. And NASA , is really a public science front, The NATIONAL ARTS & SCIENCE ASSOCIATION, where Art and Science come together to keep the lie alive that you are on a ball just because you see balls in the heavens. While they watch from space their clandestine white planes, worldwide, spray the sky, and own the weather and own you, you believe it because you watch TV, all amidst normal air traffic , It's called owning the weather by 2025. and therefore your air therefore your mind and body because you will breathe a manufactured drug called atmosphere !~ by 2025.Do your research completely cult followers than come back leave a comment that is insulting but beware I have over 20 years of research and experience as an engineer in mass deception. Check out and Like The Wizard Math Powerland on Facebook , and his massive works of art on floors, bodypaint women to be emersed in them, that used to pose as outer-space textures and planets for NASA before he was dismissed by the agency. THE STATS ARE AS SUCH: ALL DISLIKES ARE MALE . TYPICAL. HALF OF "LIKES" ARE HOT SMART WOMEN, and very open intelligent men.

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