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WE INTERRUPT THIS PROGRAM Your images of Earth are paintings. Their CGI. Its not a proof. There's still no Real Time video or film of your Earth as a ball doing one, ONE DAY, spin.

Just one day, spinning. Just one day in Real Time 24/7. Even that. Forget the 7/11 24/7 camera on the surveillance on the planet from a distance where we could see it, watch how the entire thing operates scientifically. If I were to spend trillions of dollars on an agency, The most valuable, The most valuable result of all these technological endeavors, feats, and innovations of sending equipment to high altitude at far distance from the Earth would be to have a camera watching the weather patterns as they really unfold on that real ball earth model. We don't have that. Times up.

There is a serious fraud going on right now in every space agency worldwide and its time human beings turn off the TV, stop believing CGI and ask yourself how come we can't see the Earth in its total global form as purported allegedly through scientists, pundits, and experts for centuries. With the camera technology and aerospace technology of today, we cannot have 24 hour surveillance of the weather patterns at a distance forming in the skies of our Earth as a ball. They've stolen your money. Because that is so invaluable to studying the Earth if its a ball than anything they've done. Anything. To be able to see the Earth from space and tap in, any human being, to see the weather clouds form over their town, or their region, or their state, or their country. During the night, lightning storms, all sorts of weather phenomena, to know how the tornado started, how the hurricane started, So we can all be privy, we can all know this transparent, open, scientific, evidence of what happened in the sky today.. You would think. You would imagine somebody would say," excuse me, what if we had a camera watching the whole thing. We could study the Earth or the globe. You'd think somebody.. If I'm the first to ever ask that question.. Well then we are seriously asleep here. The scientific community is asleep. The elected officials, or selected officials, are lying to you or asleep...

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