"It still amazes me to think that before 1972, we had no idea what our own planet looked like in full."  ~External Link


The Blue Marble 

  "Apollo 17 gave us the first full photo of Earth in 1972, and the world was never the same again." ~External Link


  • "They didn't go to the Moon to go to the Moon,  They Went to the moon to get the Picture"  ~Math Powerland


Its 2015, still with only 1 photo of a Globe

"If you think you’ve seen a new photograph of the full Earth taken by NASA in the last few decades, you’ve been tricked.  It hasn’t taken a full Earth snapshot in 43 years—until now. Today (July 20, 2015) External Link

What about all the Pictures of the Earth?





They are Computer Generated Images (CGI).  #SpaceIsFake #EarthFromSpace

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